New Year's Roundup

- Jan-Erik Rediger

The last post on here was a while back. Since then a lot of things happened in the Rust and WebAssembly world, so here's a quick roundup to get up to speed.

YEW - a framework for client-side web-apps

Inspired by Elm and ReactJS it has a MVC approach, a virtual DOM, HTML templates with Rust inside and data conversions built-in. And apparently it's fast as well as benchmarks show.

Support for Rust/Wasm in Parcel

Two weeks ago initial support for Rust and Wasm landed in Parcel, a web application bundler. It can automatically (re-)compile your Rust sources when they change and import the resulting Wasm module in your JavaScript code.


A CLI and Rust dependency that will generate the necessary JavaScript bindings to your Rust code, so you can skip writing most of the boilerplate (boilerplate such as wasm-experiments). It generates TypeScript for now, which gives you proper types on the JavaScript side as well.

stdweb and cargo-web

stdweb, "a standard library for the client-side Web" gained support for wasm32-unknown-unknown in December, including a js! macro to call into JavaScript functions from your Rust code. In combination with cargo-web, a cargo subcommand taking care of the compile step, this allows for powerful new web applications implemented in Rust. The above mentioned YEW is built on top of stdweb.


People are playing around with the new small WebAssembly target more and more.

You did something with Rust and WebAssembly? Let us know!